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Paaritosh Refined Rice Bran oil 1 ltr


Paaritosh Refined Rice Bran oil 1 ltr

Paaritosh Refined Rice Bran oil
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Paaritosh Rice Bran Oil is a commonly used cooking oil in Indian households, especially processed to suit Indian taste and diet types. Helps in digestion and enhances immunity, leading our customers towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Explore Paaritosh’s exclusive range: Edible oils, pulses, and flour.

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  • Buy Rice Brain Oil Online at Best Prices In India

  • Paaritosh introduces the perfect cooking oil for Indian households, Suiting the diet pattern and taste preferences.
  • Rice bran oil is extracted from rice bran, the outer layer of the rice grain.
  • Paaritosh seeks healthy options for their customers everywhere, rice bran which was commonly used As a byproduct of rice milling is usually used as animal feed or discarded as waste. Cooking oil is made out of it, identifying its potential health benefits as an oil.
  • Used as a cooking oil in many Asian countries, including Japan, India, and China.
  • rice bran oil contains higher proportions of heart-healthy unsaturated fat than Saturated Fat.
  • Good source of vitamin E, and other important nutrients.
  • Paaritosh rice bran oil includes oryzanol and tocotrienols, which may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Available in different quantities for different uses- 1 litre and 5 litres.
  • All nutritional information is printed on the back of the Oil Can.
  • Made in India, with a hundred per cent hygienic and natural process, Has Passed all FSSAI norms, suitable for a vegan diet.
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