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Triyamb Laung (Clove), 50g


Triyamb Laung (Clove), 50g

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Triyamb Clove is a magic ingredient for tea and curry made in Indian households. Spice is native to islands near china. Cloves are also an excellent source of vitamin K, Potassium, Beta Carotene and Eugenol. Now make your meals extra special by adding other premium quality range of spices with triyamb-Yellow mustard seeds, Kalonji seeds, jeera, etc.


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  • Buy Laung Online at Best Prices In India

  • Triyamb introduces premium quality cloves in a pack of 50 grams.

  • Cloves are the dried flowers of the clove tree. Native to the Spice Islands near China, cloves spread throughout Europe and Asia.
  • The rich brown colour of cloves comes from their richness in beta carotene.
  • For chai (tea) lovers, clove is a must-have ingredient. Experience the distinct aroma and taste, when mixed with tea leaves.
  • The curry tastes heavenly when made with cloves in it. With triyamb cloves, never miss an opportunity of serving the best curry to your loved ones.
  • Cloves are also well known for their contribution to pickles preparation.
  • Cloves provide a significant amount of the mineral Manganese, which helps your body manage the enzymes that help repair your bones and produce hormones.
  • Entirely made and processed in INDIA, Celebrates the prime minister’s vocal for the local and make-in-India scheme.
  • Made with a hundred per cent natural products, no animal-based products are used in the process. Hence suitable for a vegan diet.
  • CAUTION: Store it in a cool and dry place, in an air-tight container.